We look for better ways to solve things

Fork is a privately held, bootstrapped software company founded in '09. We're a diverse team of developers who've been building stuff for the web for the last 10 years.

We think the best ideas come out of scratching your own itches, and that's exactly how our products have come to life. We use flexible methologies in our workflow, and always keep an eye on the small details. We believe in:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Agile development
  • Open source software
  • Service comes first
  • Lasagna
  • Simplicity
  • OOD, Ruby, Git
  • Nobody likes contracts
  • R+D > Marketing

Meet our founders

Tomas Pollak

Tomás Pollak

Twitter / Github

Tomás is the co-founder and current CEO of Fork. He's always thinking of new ways to use technology to solve things, and is frequently invited to speak about entrepreneurship and open source software, though surprisingly he's a self-taught programmer. He also makes classes about digital media and even wrote a book about it.

When not on duty, Tomás enjoys playing the guitar and piano. Some years ago he wrote and released an album and he's already announced a second one, though he says he first needs to find an easier way to get the laundry done. We'll see.

Carlos Yaconi

Carlos Yaconi

Twitter / Github

Carlos is the co-founder and Fork's current COO. He has an impressive background in corporate software development, and has a proven track record in large-scale data and company management. He believes the future is on cloud-based software, and is constantly making us remember what the big picture looks like.

Carlos is a happily married man, has three amazing kids and loves playing sports. He claims he's the king of the dance floor and he says he once cooked an egg solely on his own, but he still hasn't showed any evidence to prove it.