It's about time.

Fork is an open software company that develops new technologies with a focus on automation. By helping people spend less sweat doing repetitive tasks, we provide them with more time to spend in what actually matters.

We work as a collaborative group, where new projects are built in an open model, and provide the tools and knowledge to bootstrap them into sustainable businesses.

It's about today.

We believe tech is best put to work by solving today's problems, not tomorrow's. If we want to make a meaningful impact on people's lives, a good way to start is to look out the window right now.

It's about delivering.

There aren't bad projects, only ones that never materialize. Execution is key in a world full of ideas, and we make sure that if come up with something, it gets built.

Ongoing projects


A hosted e-commerce platform for small and medium businesses in LatAm


A social news aggregator that actually filters noise out


A web-based MIDI and video game music player

Tools we've developed


A better way to Git on the command-line


Remote and multi-server version of the top command.


Parallel multi-server deployment and remote task runner

Where to find us

Always, at